Camp Fredg 21 Jany ’63


My dear Mary

I found on my arrival your letter by Rob. The socks I have sent to Genl Hood for his Texans. They are far from their wives & daughters & their homes. I have recd from a kind lady in Alaba a beautiful pair of socks, which to shew I must wear some day without my boots. Another has sent me a hat. I will send you her note. Thank Mr Caskie for his letter announcing that registers had been given to 12 of the people. I hope Martha will soon be released from Jail that she may receive hers. I rode down yesterday to receive hers. I rode down yesterday to review Fitzhugh’s brigade of Cavy. They made a fine exhibition. He looked very well at its head on a noble black charger. His young aid & staff were by his side. A great many ladies were present, though it was a bitter Cold day. I sent a young officer on to bring up Mrs. Gwathmey & her daughters from Mrs Taylors. Having nothing more convenient he brought them up in a four mule wagon. I gave each of the misses G. a kiss for their aunt Ellen & Cousin Norvell. Mrs. T was sick & could not come. Some of the ladies had ridden on horseback 15 miles. The ground was not far below Mr T’s farm. I did not get back till night. Charlotte did not come up. It was too far. F said she was tolerable. I gave him the letter & little jar you sent, & Mrs. C’s letter to Mrs G. The enemy is apparently making some movement. His columns are ascending the river though concealed from our view. They probably will cross at the junction of the Rapidan, or above. Sigel’s corps looks as if it was going higher. They are also making demonstrations towards Port Royal. This storm today & of last night may damp their ardour. But we have got to watch & suffer. I pray the Almighty may stretch his powerful arm over us & shield us from all harm. No danger can then come near us. It is dark & I must stop. Give love to the children when you write. With kind regards to Mr & Mrs C. & Miss N.

I am always yours

R E Lee    





Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L 51 c 429, Section 21, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 June 5