Camp 27 Nov ‘63


My dear Mary

I send down my summer drawers. Please mend them at your leisure & retain them till you Can get them at my trunk. I put on the flannel you sent me today also my yarn socks they feel very Comfortable. I send down a pair of my thick Cotton socks which require darning. The others I have Kept. I also send the piece of linen which enveloped my fur robe. I have written to you so recently that I have nothing to say except that Genl Meade’s whole army is in motion against us, buoyed by the news from the West & their own numbers. May God help & be with us. Then we shall be victorious. Join me in imploring his mercy, forgiveness & aid. Love to all

Truly & affy yours

R E Lee


Source: Transcribed from original letter, Mary Custis Lee Papers, Mss1 L5144 a, Section 14, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2019 February 11