Camp Rappk 5 Nov ’63


I recd last night dear Mary your letter of the 2nd with the pair of drawers. The flannel seems to be very nice & they fit me very well now, but I fear when washed they will shrink up like the others. Ought not the lining of the waistband to be of the same material, or of some thing warmer than the thin Cotton? However I am Content with them. I think you had better not make the jackets until you Can get some pattern. However large sized men’s jackets, long in the body will suit. But I thought if I Could ever get these I now have to you, so that you might insert in the back & arms a wide piece, they might last for the winter, so as flannel is so scarce I think you had better not make the jackets yet awhile. I am glad to hear that charlotte is better. I hope she will get strong & well poor child. The visit of her Granpa will cheer her up I trust & I know he gave her plenty of good advice. Tell Mrs. Atkinson that her Son Nelson is a very good scout & good soldier. I wish I had some way of promoting him. I recd the bucket of butter she was so kind as to send me, but I have had no opportunity of returning the vessel, which I hope to be able to do. The messenger has just brought me your letter of tuesday or wednesday I presume, but it is without date. I am sorry Smith does not like your house. I have told my only objection to it & wish it was large enough to hold charlotte. It must have reminded you of old times to have your brother Carter & Uncle Wms to See you. I think my rheumatism is better to day. I have been through a great deal with Comparatively little suffering. I have been wanting to review the Cavy for some time, & appointed to day with fear & trembling. I had not been on horse back for five days previously & feared I would not get through. But to my surprize I got along very well. The Govr was here, & told me Mrs. Letcher had seen you recently. I saw all my nephews looking very handsome & Rob too. The latter says he has written to you three times since he crossed the river. Tell Chass I think F’s old regt: the 9th made the best appearance on review. While on the ground, a man rode up to me & said he was just from Alexa & had been requested to give me a box which he handed to me, but did not know who sent it. It contained a handsome pair of gilt spurs. Good night. I pray a kind Heaven guard you all.

Truly & affy

R E Lee




1. Lee is referring to Williams Carter (1782-1864), the brother of his mother Anne Hill Carter Lee (1773-1829).




Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L 51 c 486, Section 24, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 May 23