Camp 30 Apl ’64


I have recd dear Mary your letter enclosing one from E. Rogers with the Coat shirt &c. The Coat looks beautifully. I send a note of thanks to Carrie. The shirt & Collars I have not had time to try, but have no doubt are all right. You must thank Mrs. R. for the handkerchiefs & keep them for me. I have enough for the present. If you are in want use them. The news sent by E. I had heard before. Their plans are so various & magnificent, that it is difficult to realize their execution of all. There is only one certain, viz to do us all the evil they Can. I hope a Kind God will be our shield & defense. Tell E & our Cousin Eleanor that I think of them very often & am much cheered by their sympathy & that our Md: friends, & am very grateful for their kindness to our Suffering captives & friends. I hope better times are Coming & that we shall meet again. Tell Margaret if she will promise to teach Mildred to spin & weave she may take her with her. Fitzhugh got up Safely & looks better than when I last saw him. He is preparing for his work. I visited some of the troops yesterday beyond Gordonsvile & Saw Rosalie & Tuberville on the ground. They had ridden down on horseback. The former was on an elegant grey & looked very well & handsome. Mrs Ada Could not venture. Mrs Rives & Miss Rives were also there as well as Mrs Richd Morris; her five nice little boys & her brother Dr. Watson. I had a long ride & did not get back till 9 P.M. Our enemy has been more quiet this week than I had expected. He has satisfied himself with demonstrations on our right & left. This is the anniversary of his grand movement on Chancellorsville last year. God grant his present attempts may be attended with Similar results.

Give much love to all my dear children, Smith Nannie & all friends

Truly & affy yours

R E Lee


P.S. I return the bag, but it is so worn it is unsafe for the transmission of socks. REL  




Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51 c 516, Section 26, Virginia Museum of History and Culture, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 June 9