Camp 16 July ’64


My dear Mary


I am so glad to hear of your improvement in health & so thankful to our merciful God for the great relief you experience in your rheumatic attack. I earnestly pray that this happy beginning may steadily progress to your complete restoration. I bet that you will be particularly Careful in all you do, & not run the slightest risk from exposure or imprudence to incur a relapse. What relief you must feel from the cessation of Constant pain. That alone is is [sic] cause for joy & unbounded gratitude to God. I trust the Drs anticipations may be realized that when you return from the Country you may be in robust health. Have you money enough to pay him? You had better ask him for his bill, let us see how it Can be met. I am very glad you have heard from dear little Mary. I grieve over her sickness very much & long to see her. Tell her she knows how dear she is to her Uncle & how constantly he thinks of her & earnestly prays for her. I do not know how I shall be able to thank our kind friends for their many presents. They must not give me so much. You must leave the suits of clothes with Custis. I have with me as many as I now require & as many as I Can carry with me. You must thank Miss Martha Murray for the blackberry wine & tell her I am much obliged to her for her Kindness. You must also thank Miss Burwell & Miss Stiles for the socks. I wish I Could go up & see you before your departure. But I see no prospect. Every moment there is something required & yet I am unable to do all I wish. I trust there is some peace, some quiet & some Comfort in store for us & that the evening of our lives may be cheerful & happy together. You must endeavor to write to me when you Can. Give much love to the girls & tell them to take good care of you. God bless you my dear Mary & may he guard & protect you now & ever. I send you a letter from Mr Andrews recently recd. Perhaps you may be able to write to him in reply for me. I am glad to hear they are all well. Give my love to Smith.

Truly & affy yours

R E Lee



Source: Transcribed from photocopy of original letter, Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L 51 c 536, Section 27, Virginia Museum of History and Biography

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2022 June 24