Petersburg 28 Nov ‘64


My dear daughter

Will you send me the dark vest (if there is one) of the suit of which you sent me the pants last Fall. The colour is a black grey. The vest I have with me is too warm. I send up two summer vests which please put in my trunk. All is quiet along the line, though great threatenings & preparations are heard. I trust a merciful God will shield us. I have heard nothing of Fitzhugh or Rob but presume they are well. They are Some distance off, on the extreme right. I found Mrs. Heth & her three nice little children enconsed [sic] in her husbands office the other day with the aids & clerks. It was her sitting room only. She looked very well & very happy at being with her spouse. I believe many of the loving wives are visiting the army, & seeking for quarters. If Genl Grant Carries out his promise, what a scattering there will be. Judging from the size of the congregation yesterday & the number of persons in the streets as I rode into Petersburg, I should think most of the inhabitants had returned to the city. I met there a Mrs Clark, the Miss Harrison she said whom Cousin Polly Cabell had mentioned in her will. Smith may Know her & can tell me whether she is a relative. I hope my poor little Agnes is well. Give much love to your mother & all the household. I have no news & nothing of interest. Tell Miss Carrie to eschew the Cavy. They are gay deceivers. I was asked yesterday if my nephew Fitz & Jennie Cooper were married. See how he threws dust in the eyes of the world.

Truly your father

R E Lee





Source: Transcribed from original letter, Mary Custis Lee Papers, Mss1 L 5144 a, Section 14, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2019 January 31