Camp Rappk. 31 Oct ’63



My precious Life

I am much obliged to you for writing by Capt Fitzhugh. I did not see the capt, but the letter reached me safely & gave me much pleasure. Robertus paid me a visit about the time of its reception & he had the pleasure of its perusal. He seemed to think he would like to catch a glimpse of those inquisitive young damsels you mention, & that the sight would not be so formidable as you supposed. As for myself, I have but one kind of reception for them & have always found that they retreated first. I have no prospect now of a visit to Raleigh, but hope I may soon see you. Your Mother has a little abode in Richmond and with which she is well satisfied. The great drawback to it in my opinion is that it is not large enough to contain Charlotte. I do not see where she can put you if you go on, & you will have to Come & see me. my people have built a nice chimney to my tent & shuttered it with pine walling, so you will be very Comfortable & can sleep before the fire, on these stools: we have some beef & camp biscuit still which will be an arguable charge to you from the soft fare of St Mays. I want to see you very much & am always thinking of you. I hope you Continue well. I fear your poor mother is but little better. How she will get along in Richmond by herself I do not know. Agnes & Mary are always reported so busy that they Cannot write. But what they do I do not Know. Remember me to Mrs. Bradley Johnson when you see her, & say that her husband is ordered to Hanover Junction, so she Can go & see him. When you come to Richmond. If I cannot get to see you, you must Come & see me. If you do not like my tent, I may find a little corner for you in some farm house. Good bye my dear Child. May God in his infinite Kindness always keep & preserve you, in the Constant prayer

of your father


           R E Lee




Source: Lee Family Papers, Mss1 L51c 484, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond



Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 May 20