Headquarters of the Forces,

Richmond, Va., July 11, 1861


Brig. Gen. R. S. Garnett,

Commanding, &c., Laurel Hill, Va.:


General: I received to-day your two letters of the 6th instant, and have communicated their contents to the President. Your opinion as to the advantage of giving a more northerly direction to General Wise’s column will be communicated to that officer, and it is hoped that he will find himself in a condition to conform to it, and that with your united columns you will be able to fall upon the enemy. I do not think it probable that the enemy will confine himself to that portion of the northwest country which he now holds, but, if he can drive you back, will endeavor to penetrate as far as Staunton. Your object will be to prevent him, if possible, and to restrict his limits within the narrowest range, which, although outnumbered, it is hoped by skill and boldness you will accomplish.

Your recommendation of the appointment of Mr. G. Thomas Getty a lieutenant in the C. S. Army will be complied with, and also the promotions of Capts. R. G. Cole and Julius A. De Lagnel. Should you feel embarrassed by the present rank of Capt. G. Jackson, you will please say so. Mr. S. M. Yost will also be appointed assistant quartermaster. The officers whom you state you have found in that region were appointed by the governor, in the hope that their standing and political influence would enable them to organize regiments of volunteers. The appointment of Col. L. Wilson has not been confirmed by the convention. He is, therefore, not in the service. Maj. P. B. Adams is the major of the Thirty-fifth Virginia Regiment, whom you were directed, in a previous letter, to cause to report to Col. Alfred Beckley. W. L. Jackson was appointed by lieutenant-colonel of the same regiment. The regiments commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Heck and Lieutenant-Colonel Jackson, I presume, are the Twenty-fifth, of which G. A. Porterfield is colonel, and the Thirty-first, of which W. J. Willey is colonel. Should I be correct, please number them accordingly, and inform me the field officers which you have attached to them. Should Lieutenant-Colonel Arnett, Maj. Boston Stewart, Second Lieut. J. Bosworth, Second Lieut. B. Haymond, and Lieutenant Norment have no commands with the troops of your army, and be unable to organize any volunteer companies, please let me know. I am glad to hear that the troops and articles forwarded you have reached you in safety. A Georgia regiment, Col. E. Johnson, and a North Carolina regiment, Col. S. Lee, are on their way to join you.

Respectfully, &c.,


R E Lee

General, Commanding




Source: The War of the Rebellion, Series 1, Volume 2, pp. 242-243

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2017 November 13