U.S. Mil. Academy West Point 6. Oct. 1852



I regret to inform you that your Ward, Cadet Rodman P. Lewis, left his quarters in Barrack yesterday Morg. & has not since been heard of.

In a note to his roommate, Cadet John Bennett of Ohio, found in his book last night, he states his intention of leaving the Point; & requests his letters to be sent to his brother at Edgehill School N.J. He left his Cadet clothes, key of his trunk &c in his room, & it is supposed he had provided himself with other clothes, but it is not known whether he had in his possession any money.

His roommate knows no cause for his departure, except that he was discouraged at his progress in his studies & became dissatisfied; & thought he could not obtain permission to resign.

I am very resply Your obedt Servt


R E Lee Bvt Col: Supt: Mily Acady



Source: Superintendent's Daily Correspondence United States Military Academy, Superintendent's Letter Book No. 2, pp. 291–92. Addressed “Rodman M. Price Esq Hoboken N.J.”


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