Lexington Va: 28 Sept 1870


My dear Mr. Tagart:


                                   Your Kind note of the 26th reached me this mng & you see how easy it is "to inveigle me into a correspondence". In fact when a man desires to do a thing, or when a thing gives a man pleasure, he requires but small provocation to induce him to do it. Now I wanted to hear how you and Mrs. Tagart were, what you were doing, & how you had passed the summer, & I desired to tell you so. That is the reason I write. In answer to your question, I reply that I am much better. I do not know whether it is owing to having seen you and Doctor Buckler last summer, or to my visit to the Hot Springs. Perhaps both, but my pains are less & my strength greater. In fact I suppose I am as well as I shall be. I am still following Dr. B's directions & in time I may improve still more. I expect to have to visit Baltimore this Fall, in relation to the Valley R. R., & in that event I hope to see you, if you will permit me. I am glad to learn that you spent a plesant summer. Col White and I would have had a more agreeable one had you been with us at the Hot, & as every place agrees so well with Mrs. Tagart, I think she could have enjoyed as good health there as at Saratoga, & we should have done better. No I could not see you at Saratoga, not Long Branch either. In fact I saw nobody at either place.

     Give my warm regards to Mrs, Tagart, & remember me to all friends, particularly Mr. Sam Smith. Tell Charlie Pitts his brother is well & handsome & I hope that he will study, or his sweethearts in Baltimore will not pine for him long.

     Capt White is well & busy & joins in my remembrances. Mrs. Lee & my daughters unite with me in messages to you & Mrs. Tagart, &


                                      I am most truly



                                                          R. E. Lee 


Source: McDonogh School Library Collection, Owings Mill, Maryland


Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2015 November 17