Hdqrs. Department of Northern Virginia,

July 31, 1862

Hon. S. R. Mallory,

Secretary of the Navy:

Sir: The land part of the defenses at Drewry’s Bluff has as yet no guns upon it. Can any be spared from the Navy for that purpose? I have heard that there are six 8-inch guns on the Patrick Henry. If these can be spared they would serve to add much to the strength of the defenses, as they would render the land point very formidable. I would be glad to hear from you on the subject. I regret to learn that you have been unable as yet to make the iron throats for two of the guns now in position.

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,

R E Lee,





Source: The War of the Rebellion, Series 1, Volume 11, Part 3, p. 658

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 November 29