Camp Fredg 7 April 1863


My dear Orton


I have recd your letter of the 28th Ulto enclosing a draft for $100. If I recollect the circumstances right, I desired at the time to make you some useful present, & as Markie had taken your preparations in hand, I thought she Could make a better selection than myself. I was very sorry not to have seen you when you were in Virga at Xmas. I am very much gratified however to hear Such good accounts of you & to find that by your own merit you stand so high. I wish you could bring on a good regt: of Cavy to our assistance. Our Cavy is much reduced from hard work, & you might have an opportunity of Seeing some of your friends in Md: Your Cousin Mary has been a great sufferer this spring. She writes she is a little better now. Agnes too has had attacks of her neuralgia, but I believe Continues to move about generally. She has been on a visit to shirley & is now I believe at the Braxtons. Mary is at Dr Stuarts in King George.1 Agnes has recd lately I understand a letter from Markie via Nassau, dated Nov last. She was well & at Tudor. I have heard of her more recently. I have written to her Several times, but presume my letters have not reached her. My last letter was written when I was in the Valley, & I thought went by a sure hand. When you write you must remember me very Kindly to her. Tell her I think of her very often & wish much to See her. Custis, F[itzhugh] &c are all well. None of them are near me now. My hands are much better though not well yet. I have sent the enclosed letter you enclosed to Col D. H. Hamilton2 to his Camp. I hope it will reach him safely. God bless you my dear Orton

& believe me always affy


R E Lee


Col. Lawrence W. Orton




1. Dr. Richard Henry Stuart (1808-1889), who was married to Julia Calvert Stuart (1814-1888). Dr. Stuart is buried in King George County, Virginia.

2. Daniel Heyward Hamilton (1816-1868), commander of the 1st South Carolina infantry regiment.



Source: Transcribed from original letter, Mary Custis Lee Papers, Mss1 L 5144 a, Section 14, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2019 January 31