The Pedigree of the Lees


The Lee’s of Coton Hall in the parish of Alvely in the county of Salop came from one of the Lees of Langley House near Shrewsbury about the year 1335, by a marriage with one of the Heiresses of the Astleys which said Lees of the Lees of Langley House came into England with the Saxons and one of them was High Sheriff for the county of Salop in the 19th year of William the Conqueror

Thomas Lee Senr. was born June 25, 1620 & married Augt 3, 1649 to Dorothy, Daughter of John Eldred a Bencher of Lincolns Inn He was baptized Janry 4, 1628 & had the following Issue Virt

1          Eldred Lancelot, born April 25, 1650 at Mitcham in Surry & there baptized

2          Thomas, born Augt 26, 1651, at Wimbledon in Surry & baptized there the next day. He was the Father of John Lee Hill Esqr of West Cholderton, Wilts

3          John, born March 26th 1653 at Newington Bulls, Surry (where the said Thomas Lee Senr. went to reside Octr 14, 1652) & was there baptized

4          Dorothy, born March 4, 1653 & baptized ye[ar] 16. She was married to ____ Syms Esqr Jany 25, 1680 & died 27th following & buried at Newington

5          Richard, born July 26, 1656 & was there baptized. He died Sepr 1, 1660 & was interred the 3d at Newington Butts

6          Joseph was born Feby 7, 1659 and then baptized. He died the 9th of June following & was interred in Beddington Church in the County of Surry

7          Henry, born Novr 11, 1663 betn 10 & 11 P. M. He died the 24th following & was interred at Newington aforesaid

The Mother of the above Issue died the 16th following & was interred in St. Mary’s Newington Butts

The 18th Feby 1666, the said Thomas Lee Senr Esqr. of Coton Hall, was married to the Rt. Honle. the Lady Mary Daughter of the Rt. Honle. Robert late Earl of Lindsay Lord High Chamberlain of England by Inheritce. Knt. of the Most Noble Order of the Garter & one of the Honle. privy council, once Lord High Constable of England for a Month; twice Lord High Admiral of England & Lord General of His Majesty’s Forces at Edgehill where he was slain in the service of King Charles the 1st in the year of our Lord 1642. He had children by her, Sophie & Catherine, their coat of arms were three battering Rams. The 18th Sepr 1619[1]

He was sworn Justice of Peace for the county of Salop, by Thos Whitmore Esqr. who had a dedimus directed to him & others for that purpose, he was also sworn a Deputy Lieutenant in & for the county of Middlesex & in & for all Cities, Burroughs Liberties &c& in & for the Burrough of Southwark & the several parishes of St. Olives, St. Saviours St. Thomas & St. George’s in Southwark in the county of Surry & for & in such parts of the several parishes Towns Hamlets of Lambeth, Newington, Bermondsey & Rotherhithe in the same county the 24 Novr. 1672 as appears by commission He being also a Justice of Peace for the County of Surry & Clerk of the of the Assize for co. Kent, Essex, Sussex and Hertford. He died in the year 1687

Eldred Lancelot Lee was married to Mrs Isabla. Gough April 21, 1713 at Woolverhampton in Staffordshire by Mr John Hinton, Clerk.

By the above Lady he had the following Issue

Isabella , born June 11, 1714, at Coton Hall & was baptized 28 do. in the chapel there. Their Issue 1 Son & 1 Daughter         married (1/Mr. Hurst)

Dorothy, born July 1, 1715 & was baptized in the chapel. Their Issue 1 Daughter married (2/Mr. Barhurst)

Mary, born Novr. 12, 1716 & was baptized in the chapel the 20th. Their Issue 1 Son married (3/Mr. Littlehales)

Sarah, born Febry 13, 1717 & was baptized the 24th in the chapel. Their Issue 1 daughter married (4/Mr. Harrison)

Lancelot, born May 11, 1719 & was baptized the 14th in the chapel. Their Issue 1 Son & 2 daughters             married 5

Harry, born Octr 19, 1720 & was baptized Novr 10 in the chapel (the warden of Winton College).             married (6/Mitchel)

Their Issue 2 sons Margaret, born April 14, 1722 & was baptized May 7, in the chapel. No issue  married (7/Tucker)

Matilda, born July 8, 1723 & was baptized Augt 5     married (8/Conyngham)

Catherine, born Octr 10, 1724 & baptized the 29. She died Novr 5 following & interred in the Vault

Thomas, born Octr 19, 1725 & baptized in the chapel. Drownd & buried in New College Chapel

Elizabeth, born Novr 8, 1729 & baptized Decr 9. Their Issue 1 Son

Eldred Lancelot Lee Esqr of Coton Hall died Sepr 23, 1734 & interred the 26th in the Vault. Aged 84 the 25 April following

Lancelot Lee Esqr of Coton Hall eldest son of the above Eldred Lancelot Lee died July 16, 1775 at Massa de Curara in Italy. His corpse was sent home & interred in the Vault he had 3 Wifes. Issue by the 2d, 2 Daughters & 1 Son

John Lee Hill Esqr of West Cholderton in the county of Wills. He was born at Buriton in the county of Hands & was baptized there July 22, 1707. He died at Wichester Febry 17th, 1760. He was the youngest son of Thomas Lee Esqr. Barrister at Law of Lincolns Inn who was the 2nd son of Thomas Lee of Coton Hall Coy. of Salop. By his 1st wife Elizabeth the Widow of ____ Parnel Esqr. (she was sister of Robert Baldy Esqr) I.

Lee Hill’s Issue

John Parnel Lee died an Infant

Elizabeth Lee born 1735 she married Henry White (an Apothecary) 1774

They had no Issue, she died Novr. 18, 1776

The said John Lee Hill married secondly Latitia the youngest Daughter of William Scroggs Esqr of Chute Lodge coy. of Wilts. Their Issue (She was born Jany 1722 & died Feby 22 1800)

John Jonathan Lee, born Octr 19, 1743 at W. Cholderton coy. of Wilts. He married Geissel Fletcher of the Isle of Man. She was born 1756 & died July 1777 & was the only Daughter & Heir at Law of Edward Fletcher Esqr (the younger late of Balld Fletcher, Isle of Man) & Jane his wife who was the eldest sister of John Stevenson Esqr of Castle Town in the Isle of Man aforesaid

J. J. Lee (Issue) died at Exmouth Decr 23, 1796

John Edward Lee[2] Esqr was born June 3d 1775. He married Octr 6, 1800 Mary Le Hardy[3] the 2nd Daughter of Thos Le Hardy Esqr of the Island of Jersey

Caroline Jane Lee was born Septr. 4, 1776 the only Daughter of J. J. Lee Esqr.

Latitia Lee the eldest Daughter of T. Lee Hill (by Latitia Scroggs) was born April 26, 1745 at W. Cholderton aforesaid

Thomas Lee was born April 8, 1746 at W. Cholderton

Edward Lee, was born Augt 26, 1747 at West Cholderton. He died at sea 1763

William Lee, born March 26, 1749 at W. Cholderton, who died an Infant

Jane Charlotte Lee, born March 14, 1751 at W. Cholderton

William Lee, born Octr 7, 1753 at West Cholderton

Anne Martha Lee, born March 28, 1755 at W. Cholderton

Frances Henrietta Lee, born Octr. 19, 1756 in the Close Winton; She married Mr John Elderton (____177) at Salisbury. Their Issue

Frances Elderton, born _____177 at Salisbury

Godfathers & Godmothers to the Issue of T. Lee Hill Esqr.

To Jonathan Lee

Wm. Scroggs Esqr. Samuel Thayer Esqr. & Lady Scroggs

Latitia Lee

Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Hely & The Honle. W. Seymour

Thomas Lee

            Sr. Edwd. Seymour Mr Delme Mrs. E. Scroggs

To Edward Lee

            Edward Popham          Paroled Esqr &

            Lady Medows

Jane Charlotte Lee

            Mrs Hungerford, Mrs. Hely & Mr. Gee

William Lee

            Mr. Foxcroft, Wm. Swanton Esqr and Mrs Erith

Anne Martha Lee

            The Dutchess of Chandos Miss Scroggs & Harry Earle Esqr

Frances Henrietta Lee

            Lady Frances Seymour, Mrs. Swanton & The Revd. T. Heath

                        Godfathers & Godmothers to the Issue of J. J. Lee

            To John Edward Lee

            Edward Poore Esqr, Edward Fletcher Esqr & Mrs. Lee

Caroline Jane Lee

            Mr. Bailey, Miss L. Lee & John Stevenson Esqr. of Ashley Park

                        The above John Edward Lee Esqr. had Issue (Son of John Jonathan Lee Esqr)

(2nd)     John, William Thomas, born July 13, 1802 Bap: in Walcot Church, Bath

(3)        William, born Octr. 22, 1810 Bap: in St. Saviours parish Church in the Island of Jersey

(1st)      Mary Latitia Jane, born Augt 29, 1801 Bap: in the church of Walcot parish, Bath

(4)        Eliza Caroline Seymour. Born July 26, 1816 Bap: in St. Saviour’s parish Church in the Island of Jersey

            John William Thomas Lee a clergyman of the Established Church, and eldest son of John Edward Lee Esqr. by Mary, Daughter of Thomas Le Hardy Esqr. was married Sepr. 12, 1831 to Eliza Jane, second Daughter of Peter Simonet Esqr. of Radier in the parish of Gronville, Island of Jersey and had Issue

  1. Lancelot John Lee, born Septr. 12, 1832, Bapd in the parish Church of Gronville, Jersey
  2. Francis Edward, born at Bridgwater Somersetshire Sept 13, 1834 and baptized in the parish church of Gronville, Jersey
  3. Anna Maria, born in Hammington parish County of Wilts December 25, 1836 and baptized Jany 18, 1837. Died the 2nd of May following and was buried in Gronville Ch: yard Jersey
  4. Eldred le Hardy, born at the Rectory house Gronville, June 4th, 1839 and baptized in the Church of the said Parish of Gronville Died 28th of December following and was buried in Gronville Church yard, Jersey

Wn. April 17th 1844

Copied from the original Paper now in the possession of the Reverend John Lee

Wm. Hardy





Source: Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 3, M2009.204, Jessie Ball duPont Library, Stratford Hall



Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 January 11


[1] Marginal note: “Query this date, perhaps 1649.”

[2] Died January 1823.

[3] Died in Jersey 1821—Both buried in St. Saviour’s church yard, Jersey.