Dear Sir

            Im obliged to you for sending this Lettr, I shall forward it to Farmvill where my family still are, today. Mrs Wherry has not yet returned, I enclose you Thirty Dollars which are all my stock or I would send you more, I know he has money in Alexa but guese now it is to be had from there, I shoud like to see you before your trip to Baltimore why not take this in your way; I have written to David to send you the Flour and to endeavor to have your 34 Bushels of Meal by Saturday; I will certainly send for the Rum immediately but why did you not say by what means he became mine. Sam says something about the law I rather think he meant fact as I have never yet heard of any law. I am astonished you dont wish to see the house it progresses amazingly, three shafts of chimnies are already out & both wings will be covered or nearly so to day. I have ventured, (with much doubt of the property) to begin to sow wheat to day; my fodder is all got. Thus you have a history of my doings. If you come here on your way to Baltimore & Mr Wherry cant raise the wind to suit you probably I may.

Coton                                                                                                              God bless you

Sep. 27th 1803                                                                                                             Thos. Lud Lee




Source: The Archives of the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Papers of the Lee Family, Box 6, M2009.110

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