Soldiers rest June 29th 1827


Dr Sir,

In conformity with your request I submit the following propositions as a basis for a subsequent contract between you & myself viz First If you will furnish thirty or forty working negroes, at my residence in Louisiana. I will furnish a Farm counting 640 Acres, about 200 of which is in cultivation (recognized as the Estate purchased of Judge Johnston, now a Senator in Congress in 1820, for which I paid $15,000 for the negroes and Land to form a joint concern for ten years, the property of each to be appraised and the net profits divided agreeably to the proportion of the stock furnished reserving to myself the management of the Estate, and the privilege of working any number of Hands under Twenty one, they to draw their proportion of profits. 2d the same partnership may exist with the difference each party reserving to himself the title of the property placed in the concern 3d The negroes may be appraised and the amount of the appointment shall be considered as so much U. States bank stock for the use of which I will pay an interest conforming to the annual dividend of that Bank, you making good all losses whether by replacing the property, or deducting that amount of principal. 4th If you will settle the plantation with 30 or 40 Hands I will make you a sale of such time as will enable you to pay for it in three years

I deem it unnecessary to go into detail as the contract if made will embrace them.

Very respectfully yours


W. H. Overton     




Source: Checked against original letter, Mss2 L5124 a 4, Virginia Historical Society, Richmond

Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2018 October 5