Appomattox C. H. Va

April 10th 1865


            Agreement entered into this day in regard to the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia to the U. S. Authorities


            1st. The troops shall March by Brigades and detachments to a designated point, stack their arms, deposit their flags, sabres, pistols, &c, and from thence march to their homes, under charge of their respective Division & corps commanders. Officers retaining their side arms, and the authorized number of private horses.

            2nd. All public horses, and public property of all Kinds to be turned over to staff officers designated by the U. S. Authorities.

            3rd. Such transportation of private baggage belonging to officers will be allowed to accompany the officers, to be turned over at the end of the trip to the nearest U. S. Q. M., receipts being taken for the same.

            4th. Couriers, and mounted men of the Artillery, & Cavalry, whose horses are their own private property, will be allowed to retain them.

            5th. The surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia, shall include all forces operating with that Army on the 8th inst, the date of the commencement of negotiations for surrender; except such bodies of Cavalry as actually made their escape previous to the surrender, and except all such peices of Artillery as were more than twenty miles from Appomattox C. H. at the time of the surrender on the 9th inst.

                                               Signed John Gibbon

                                                     Maj Gen Vol

                                                     W. Merritt

                                                Brev Maj Gen Vol

                                                   Chas Griffin

                                               Brvt Maj Gen Vol



                                          Signed J. Longstreet

                                                 Lieut Gen

                                              J. B. Gordon

                                                 Maj Gen

                                             W. M. Pendleton

                                           Brig Gen Chf Arty





Source: Facsimile of original, vertical files, Jessie Ball duPont Library, Stratford Hall



Transcribed by Colin Woodward, 2016 February 2