<br /> Lee Letter: n181

Washington and Lee University

Sender: George Washington
Recipient: Henry Lee

Dear Sir:

If you wish for a more formal Pedigree than the enclosed, return
the one sent and an other shall be framed by the time you send for
Magnolia, when a Bill of Sale shall also be forwarded. And as you have
it not in your power at present (for want of the Papers) to pass a deed
of Conveyance to me, for the 5000 Acres of Land in Kentucke agreeably
to your Memorandum. I should be glad to receive some instrument (in
case of accidents) by which to establish my claim to it,

Your intention to decline offering yourself for the Westmoreland district
since you have received advice of Mr. John Page’s doing it, is an
unequivocal proof if proof was wanting, of your friendly dispositions
to the New Government; but whether it is the most effectual way of
serving it, is another question. Whether Mr. Page’s interest, or yours,
is best in the district (I am not sufficiently informed to decide) but
of one thing I am sure and that is, that these matters (to stand upon
equal ground with the opponents of the Constitution) ought to be the
result of previous consultation and arrangement.

I am,


1 From the “Letter Book” copy in the Washington