<br /> Lee Letter: n340_0134

Washington and Lee University

Sender: Secret Committee
Recipient: Robert Morris


We are duely favored with yours of the 14th instant with its inclosures,
also with your last of the 21st by Mr.
Fitzsimmons.1 We have signed the order
in favor of John Nixon & Co. for 26025.9.9 Pena. currency, and
delivered it to Mr. Fitzsimmon.

You are perfectly right in your opinion of the propriety of dispatching
accounts of the events of this Campaign, and the more so, as the Loan
on which you rely for supporting our credit under the failure of
remittances, will probably depend upon Mr. Deanes receiving
Congressional answers to what you may remember he wrote upon this
subject. We approve entirely of the several orders you have given as
mentioned in your letter of

January the 14th. With respect to the West India Ship mentioned by Mr.
Jarvis, we would refer you to what had been done on the subject of
purchasing Vessels and Cargos to the eastward before we came from
Philadelphia, but if you think that not sufficient, and the information
you may receive of the enemy being retired, shall induce you to think
the risk not too great, we willingly leave this matter to your
discretion, and wish you to write Mr. Jarvis as you shall judge most
conducive to the public good. With respect to the purchases you propose
to make at Philadelphia, we are willing likewise to leave them to your
judgement, as you are more in the way of being informed touching the
station and movements of the enemy. The obligation that rests upon us
to remit is certainly very strong but the danger of loss may be so
great as to overcome it, since all that falls into the enemies hands
will not only fail of remittance, but add strength to those we would
wish to weaken as much as possible. As the rice from Georgia is
otherwise to be disposed of, we give up the scheme of moving the Indigo
here, and you may, if you please, ship it from Philadelphia. We must
depend on memory, not having the books here, but we wish you to
reflect, if the time is not near when a Frigate was by agreement to
convoy goods here that were to be shipt by Mr. Merkle to the W. Indies! We have but faint recollection of this business, you undoubtedly
remember the thing, and we only mean to turn your attention to that

We have not yet conversed with Mr. Fitzsimmon about the Friendship, but
should it happen that we do not agree with him, we shall endeavor to
get a Cargo here for Mr. Curson as you propose.

We are Sir, with much regard, Your most obedient humble servants,

Richard Henry Lee
Fran. Lewis
Wm. Whipple


Receiver’s copy, Amherst College. Written by Lee and signed by Lee, Lewis,
and Whipple.

1 Morris’ letter of the 21st has not been found.

2 See Secret Committee Minutes of Proceedings, June 27, 1776, note 1.